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Timelapse of Designing Project Based Learning Spaces Project

About Me

My Name is Adit Dhanushkodi and I'm a designer. I'm currently a senior at Olin College of Engineering studying Mechanical Engineering with a focus in Interaction design. My engineering background has given me a passion for building and making, while my focus in design thinking has given me an way to understand the human impact any interaction could have. While engineering helps me know how to build something, design helps me know what to build in the first place.

I'm interested in how people interact with the built environment, whether that space is physical or virtual, or some combination of both. On the virtual end of the spectrum, I'm interested in the question of scalability and how to design individual experiences with interfaces that have many different kinds of users. On the physical end of the spectrum, I like to think about how a physical space can represent and inform culture. I also have experience using film and visual design as tools to tell stories and convey complex ideas to various audiences.

You can check out some of the work I've done in my portfolio. Some other projects I am currently working on are: a project to use design thinking to optimize development test at SpaceX, a project to design an interactive exhibit for the Biennale Mediacity in Seoul, and a project to design and build and electromechanical arcade game