Timelapse of Designing Project Based Learning Spaces Project

About Me

My name is Adit Dhanushkodi, and I'm a product designer at Emulate, a biotech company in Boston. My background is in mechanical engineering and human-centered design. (Olin College graduate)

I work mostly in the exploratory, more research focused part of the design process. I'm very comfortable working in uncertainty and in undefined spaces. My design process involves switching modes often: at any point I could be doing high level conceptualization of new product systems, or making small scale prototypes. The more detail oriented engineering work that I do informs the more conceptual, exploratory design work that I do.

I'm interested in emerging technologies, and how we can critically explore and question the new technologies that we are developing. I have experience using a variety of tools including mechanical prototyping, film, visual design and more. You can see some of my work in my portfolio and resume.