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3 PERSON TEAM - 2016-2018 ROLE: Project Lead, Design Researcher, Information Architect

Study Manager

The Study Manager is an app designed to help cell biologists working with Organs-on-Chips manage and plan their experimental studies, while also creating a centralized digital location for all experimental data from a biology lab. 

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The purpose of this project was twofold: first, it was to provide biologists with software tools to help manage their experimental design and execution; second, it was to create ways to standardize data collection and experimental processes across the company.


The main design challenge with this project involved balancing the need for standardized data formats and the varied and personalized workflows of biologists. The design process also revealed tensions between the ideal scientific process and the process practiced in labs, where the realities of doing cell biology conflict with ideal experimental design. 


While developing this app, I also worked to articulate a larger vision that imagined the Study Manager as one app among many that would together provide an integrated software suite to accompany the physical products.